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Devastating Impacts That Alcoholism Has On The Family 


Many people who could theoretically be classified as an alcoholic are unaware of their problems. in-chainsWhile it may be true that they can still function at their jobs while in the midst of enduring this illness, unfortunately, the ones who really suffer from this addiction, is not the individual who is experienced, but their closest friends and family members. The reality of the fact is that as the individual falls down that slippery slope of alcoholism, while they may be unaware of it, their family members can instinctively feel it, as they see the individual less and less. Here are some of the devastating impacts that alcoholism has on a family.

Immediate Family Members

One of the most common side effects that are associated with alcoholism is isolation. One of the reasons why many experts believe that alcoholism leads to isolation, is primarily due to the fact that the individual in question, may experience extreme bouts of fear, anger and rejection. However, unfortunately once an alcoholic isolates themselves, their relationship with their family gradually fades away. As such, it is not uncommon for an alcoholic to have an abundance of immediate family members who feel that they simply do not love or care for them anymore. It’s also worth noting, that alcoholism may even cause the affected to display bouts of unjustified anger towards their family members which furthermore causes the relationship to deteriorate. If it’s you, or some one you care about is suffering from alcoholism, please look into Narconon Fresh Start Rehab. As an alternative and unique approach to addiction recovery, Narconon Fresh Start program participants overcome their addiction issues in a drug-free environment.

Spouse or Partner

Among the many debilitating effects that alcohol has on the body, physically and psychologically, aggressiveness is commonly associated with it as well. This can prove to be particularly harmful as far as being involved with an alcohol abuser goes. Many spouses and partners have proclaimed that they experienced physical and psychological abuse while their spouse was under the influence of alcohol. And indeed, statistics demonstrate that alcoholism can cause mental trauma on a spouse. Statistics also demonstrate that the divorce rates among couples where either, or both of the partners consume an abundance of alcohol, is higher than an average couple. Some of the other problems that alcohol causes that can negatively impact a romantic relationship include:
Lack of finances
Poor communication
Constant state of distress or anger.


how_does_alcoholism_affect_familiesOne of the most devastating impacts that alcoholism has on the family, falls on the children of the inflicted. Ultimately alcoholism impairs a parent’s ability to care for a child. As such, due to a lack of adequate parenting skills, such as an individual going off to drink, instead of picking up their child from school, the child may grow to believe that they are the root cause of the problem and ultimately, develop a poor self image. Some of the other effects that children of alcohol abusers experience include:
Chronic stress
Fear of abandonment